Academic English Writing Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to help you improve your academic writing skills in English.

Target group

The workshop is open to all faculty members at Aarhus University who wish to improve their academic writing skills in English.


We will focus on the qualities of good academic writing, including sentence clarity, style, cohesion, structure and argumentation. We will also examine proofreading strategies and relevant grammatical and usage issues.

The workshop will include instructor presentations, guided discussions, practical exercises, and instructor and peer-to-peer feedback.

This course provides a valuable opportunity for you to improve your own research articles. Prior to the start of the workshop, you will be invited to submit a 4-5 page sample of an article you are currently working on (or have recently completed). During the course, you will have the chance to revise and develop your article, based on peer and teacher feedback. you will also be asked to prepare constructive feedback on your peers’ research writing. In addition, you will be invited to read selected articles on academic writing in English.


5 sessions of 3 hours


Sarah Jennings, PhD

Indicative price

3200 kr.

410133 / i40