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AU Student Administration and Services

AU Student Administration and Services performs central supportive administrative tasks for the AU studies administration in collaboration with the faculties.

AU Student Administration and Services is involved in all stages from recruitment, studies administration and to supporting the internationalisation process and the area of further and continuing education. Furthermore, AU Student Administration and Services supports the Committee on Education, works with quality assurance and conducts analyses within the areas of education and library services.

AU Student Administration and Services consists of five units: Aarhus University Library (AUL), Admissions and Educational Administration Systems, International Office, Student Guidance and Academic Support Services, and Educational Development and Analysis.

Units in AU Student Administration and Services

International Office

The International Office is involved in the recruitment, welcoming and provision of information and services to exchange students and international students enrolled on full degree programmes in collaboration with the faculties. It is also in charge of organising the AU Summer University.

The International Office consists of two sections: Mobility and Transnational Education and Housing.

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Admissions and Educational Administration Systems

Admissions is organised into two teams: Admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes and Admissions to Master’s degree programmes and supplementary subjects.

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Educational Administrative Systems is the system owner of AU’s study systems and is responsible for all tasks relating to portfolio management, project management, system and business development, system strategy and analysis, system administration, testing and implementation of updates and user support.

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Student Guidance and Information

Student Guidance and Information consists of four sections: 

Educational Development and Analysis

Educational Development and Analysis is a secretariat consisting of three teams:


The Secretariat supports the deputy director in the management of the area.

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