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Access card

If you have any questions or changes to your own access card, this must be done via your department

Application for access to Science and Technology buildings must be approved in the information offices at the various institutions. It should be approved with the signature of the existing institutions, so you can get an access enabled on your card.


Are you unsure about which area / Department you belong to, you can contact:

ST Buildingsservice

Ny Munkegade 120
buil. 1521, room 122. 
8000 Aarhus C
Phone: 23 48 98 39

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday from 9.00 AM - 3 PM 
Friday from 9 AM - 2 PM 

Please note that PIN codes may not include the following:

- the PIN code must not start with 0

- the PIN code must not be 4 identical digits

- the PIN code must not be 1234 or 4321

- the PIN code must not be your date of birth


If you want to fill out an application form before you attend the Information Office, they can be downloaded here:

Application for access permit


If you not have an access card?

All employees at Science and tecnology in Aarhus can order an access card, which must then be approved for activation in information office at the department.

Order the access card here


Are you a student, and have you lost or damaged your student card?

Get help and instruction for re-ordering here

All students and PhD student should use their student card to gain access.


1401399 / i40