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Aarhus BSS conference and event support

How to get help:

Please contact us well in advance of the conference.

Read the description of support for research conferences and for events with othr external participants (e.g. alumni and other professionals).

The scope of the conference support may vary according to the nature and size of the conference as well as the needs of the organiser.

Research conferences

For academic research conferences, the communicative support may include:


  • Initial meeting where we reconcile expectations
  • General consultancy throughout the planning process and information on relevant contacts within IT, AV, room booking and other services
  • Communication plan for the conference

Invitation and marketing

  • Preparation and layout of bidding material (if bidding to host a conference)
  • Layout of invitations and call for papers 
  • Internal advertising of the conference at AU and Aarhus BSS
  • External advertising via relevant websites, news flows, journals etc.
  • Press relations
  • Preparation and layout of marketing material 
    (flyers, posters, ads, etc.)
  • Creation and possible maintenance of conference website
  • Support in relation to e.g. Powermail (for abstracts)

Conference materials

  • Layout of conference materials such as programme, banners, roll-ups, etc.)
  • Ordering loans of items for conferences, such as flags, poster stands, AU roll-ups etc.
  • Ordering city maps and mini guides from Visit Aarhus
  • Ordering conference folders, name tags, pens, notepads etc.

Responsibility of the department

  • Booking accommodation and transportation
  • Booking food and drink
  • Setting up and running a webshop (or other registration system)
  • Sending out invitations
  • Programme planning
  • Handling abstracts/papers
  • The practical set up at the conference


Events for other external participants

We offer support for events targeted alumni, professionals and possibly students.

We recommend planning and development of the event to commence at least three months prior to the day of the event to ensure a professional level. One project manager from External Relations/Communication will work closely with the project coordinator from the department. The project manager must be informed about all details to keep an overview and ensure the professional execution of the event.


A communication plan is prepared for the event. The communication plan is divided into three phases: Before, during and after the event, and may contain the following elements (however, an assessment on how to best coordinate the activities is made on a case by case basis):

Before the event:

  • Invitations via CRM (invitations for students and alumni take place via email through the CRM system, which contains the email addresses of 17,000 Aarhus BSS alumni as well as of all current students)
  • Creating the event on Facebook
  • Invitation on LinkedIn
  • Content to be used for attracting participants - e.g. a video featuring the researcher/organiser explaining why the event’s theme is interesting, what to expect, etc.
  • Dialogue with the media with the aim of ensuring participation or publicity
  • Creating a hashtag (#)
  • Website
  • Sign-up function (Webshop or via AU CRM)
  • Preparing Power Point slides with event graphics
  • Poster design

During the event:

  • Live streaming via Facebook, Twitter or website
  • Photos of the event (delivery of 10-20 images)
  • Tweets from the event
  • Short “happening now” videos

After the event:

  • Collecting tweets, presentations and images in the form of a Storify
  • Evaluation and thank-you-email

Events should always be promoted with a uniform visual branding to create a distinctive look and in accordance with Aarhus BSS’ branding strategy.


As a point of departure, COM/ER are responsible for the practical execution of the event, including:

  • Communicating with the participants prior to the event
  • Booking facilities
  • Ordering food and refreshments
  • AV equipment
  • Ordering cleaning services
  • Coordinating with caretakers

If the department has any special requests that fall outside the standard procedure for holding events, an assessment is made as to whether these will be handled by COM/ER or the department.


Contact - Research conferences

Didde Trolle

Communications Officer
H 1443, 321
P +4587153574

Contact - Events for external participants

Peter Hoffmann

Partner Relations Manager
H 2610, 412D
P +4551221260
1397025 / i40