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Establishing a conference website

A conference website: An independent domain or a subsite?

When you need a conference website, it can be established as either an independent domain or as a subsite.

Independent domain:

  • You will get an address with the following structure:
  • The website will not be linked to other websites
  • In the beginning, the website will get a low ranking when using Google

Subsite for existing domain - e.g. or department website:

  • You will get an address with the following structure:
  • The subsite will be linked to the domain where it is placed. This makes it possible for example to reuse content from other conference websites.
  • The subsite will get a high ranking when using Google because of the Google credit already obtained by the domain.

HE and ST:
If you need help to establish a conference website, please contact Lone Jørgensen at However, before you contact Lone, please consider the language and the title of the website (url) and whether you need an independent domain or a subsite to an existing domain.

Contact Gitte Grønning Munk at

Aarhus BSS:
Contact Didde Trolle at

You can read the guidelines concerning independent domains here (in Danish):

1421763 / i40