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AU Translate

Translate from Danish to English

AU Translate is a machine translation tool to help AU employees who need to write short texts in English in connection with their daily work. It is not intended as a tool for translating scientific or scholarly works. It can be used for ‘gisting’ of Danish texts by non-Danish-speaking employees who need to get a general idea of the content of a Danish text from or about AU. AU Translate can be used to translate short texts (maximum of 2,000 characters). For example, administrative correspondence, short notices and meeting agendas and minutes.

The resulting translation is not suitable for publication or use in official/sensitive contexts.  

All translations must be thoroughly edited before use!

Make sure to double-check the names of AU places, units and positions in AU Dictionary.

Certain texts should always be translated by professional translators. Please contact  Lenore Messick for assistance if you are in doubt.


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