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About travel insurance

Aarhus University (AU) is subject to the Danish State’s self-insurance scheme. This means that AU may not take out insurance, but the scheme is comparable to AU having taken out insurance itself. In case of claims, AU is therefore liable for the financial risk.

The reason for using this scheme is that, in many cases, it will be cheaper than if AU took out insurance through a commercial insurance company. Journeys by car abroad are, however, excepted from the scheme.

Europæiske administers the scheme

Europæiske administers the scheme on behalf of the Danish State, and Europæiske decides whether there is any liability for damages – and if so, what the size of such damages should be. Europæiske pays doctor’s bills, damages etc., and AU must subsequently refund the amounts concerned to Europæiske.

Travel insurance policy for Danish Government employees - *NT

Rules for travel insurance

Who is entitled to an insurance card?

  • All employees at Aarhus University
  • Persons affiliated with but not employed by Aarhus University (AU) whose journey is fully or partially paid by AU can apply for travel insurance.

Please note that AU does not cover expenses in connection with travel insurance for accompanying family members. This applies both to travel paid by ordinary funding as well as external funding. Travel insurance for spouses/live-in partners and any children must be taken out and paid for privately, see (Circular on travel insurance for Danish government employees, CIR no. 051-15, 18 December 2015) *NT

Insurance policy

If you are asked to document that you are insured, you should just contact Europæiske. Here you will be issued a so-called statement, which you must send to the university/authority in question.

Private holiday travel

You can obtain a discount from Europæiske if you are going on private holiday travel or supplementary holiday. Such insurance policies must be paid at your own expense.

Link to:

HR's FAQ about Insurance

HR's website about Insurance in connection with travelling abroad

Report a claim, lost luggage, delay, ect.

As the injured party you must fill out the claim form online and send it to Europæiske Rejseforsikring. Furthermore, you must send an e-mail, containing the travel date as well as your name and your date of birth, to your manager and ask for a confirmation that you were an employee and on official business when the accident occurred.

Send the confirmation to AU Accounts, Travel team by e-mail rejser@au.dk, who will forward it to Europæiske Rejseforsikring so you claim can commence.

You'll find link to the website and login information under "Contact Europæiske".

How to order and where to pick up an insurance card

You can order an insurance card by completing this form, which your manager must sign. Please bring this completed form when collecting your new insurance card. Here you can find information about where to pick up your insurance card.

Please note that in order to use the forms it is necessary that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

Contact your IT-support, if Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer.

Is your insurance card valid?

Insurance cards are only valid with the CVR number: 31119103 and the cardholder’s signature.

If you have an insurance card with one of the old CVR numbers, you must renew it immediately. You should just complete this form and have your manager sign it. Please bring this completed form when collecting your new insurance card.

Official cars abroad

For driving abroad in official cars, third-party liability insurance must be taken out for the car.

The insurance must be taken out no later than 5 weekdays before the scheduled departure date. The insurance is taken out by contacting Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance) on email: kundecenter.erhverv@tryg.dk.  
At the email subject field you have to write: Insurance of official cars abroad

If you need phone contact with Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance), you can call +45 44 20 22 20

Remember to state following to Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance):

  • The insurance regards an official car abroad
  • EAN
  • The vehicle registration number
  • Insurance period
  • Destination

Contact Europæiske

To gain access to the website use the following login information:

  • Customer number: 31119103
  • Password: 30191113
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