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Pay negotiations

Local pay negotiations

Read about the local timetables, pay catalogues and pay criterias:

Supplement types

You can apply for three types of supplement:

  • Supplement for qualifications
  • Supplement for responsibilities
  • One-off bonus 

 Read more about the three types of supplement

Timetable for pay negotiations 2017

Brief about dates:


  • 8th February - 1st March 2017: Application period
  • February - 31th May 2017: Preparation and negotiation period
  • June/July 2017: Disbursement of agreed pay increases

See the complete timetable for Pay Negotiations here.

The financial framework for the pay negotiations 2017

Prior to the annual pay negotiations, the senior management team – following discussion in the Main Liaison Committee (HSU) – decides on an overall pay negotiation budget. The pay negotiation budget for pay negotiations 2017 (the period 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017) is fixed at 0,6% for pay supplements and for one-off bonuses.


The dean and the university director may decide to give departments/schools (Arts)/centres/administration centres and administrative divisions pay negotiation budgets which are lower than 0,6%.

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