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DHL Relay Race

Aarhus University takes part in

DHL Relay Race 2019

Odense 15 august | Aarhus 22 august | Copenhagen 29 august

Registration is closed

The registation is now closed. Contact if you have any requests regarding your registration.

New participants will receive running T-shirts

Employees should reuse the same AU official running T-shirt from year to year. Only new participants who do not already have an AU running T-shirt should order T-shirts for the race. T-shirts can be ordered by the team captain in connection with registration.

Tent numbers in Aarhus

27, 28, 29 og 30. Look for Aarhus University's banners. 

Questions and help

Please contact:

  • Katrine Boserup Jensen, tlf. 9352 1810
  • Mail:

Race information

About the DHL Relay Race

With more than 200,000 participants in several cities in Denmark, the DHL Relay Race is the world’s biggest fitness run. Participants can either participate in a 5 x 5 km relay race or a 5 km walk, and 95% of participants are teams from companies or associations.

DHL brings us together to share something other than our daily work. It’s a fun run together with a picnic in a festive atmosphere.  

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