About AU

Below, you will find a collection of links from the AU website, which can be particularly interesting for you as a new employee at Aarhus University. The small selection of information about AU will provide you with an idea of the history, the culture and the organisation at Aarhus University.

Click the various selection of links below or browse the official website about AU

On the website staff.au.dk, there is also a lot of information to be found. This is the main entry point for employees at AU and provides news, shortcuts, useful information and tools for your daily tasks as an employee.

The history of Aarhus University

If you wish to learn more about AU's history, you can click and read more on this page.

The organisation

In 2011, Aarhus University carried out a major reorganisation as part of the academic development process. The new organisation consists of four main academic areas and 27 departments. Read more about the academic development process.

You can find the organisational chart here. For more information about the AU management and profile information you can click on the page 'Management'.

Read more about the four main academic areas, 27 departments and about the centre of all international activities at Aarhus University.



The architecture and art at Aarhus University

Have a look at the cavalcade of images of the architecture at Aarhus University. It lasts for three minutes and will take you on a visual journey of grand buildings, fine art and impressive architecture at Aarhus University locations.

Read more about the architecture at AU here.


Excellent research

Read more about the appointments and awards received by researchers at Aarhus University. For instance, read about the two times that researchers from Aarhus University have received a Nobel Prize.



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