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In connection with resignation by employee and dismissal of employee there can be different rules and regulations you have to consider and to be aware off.



Resignation by employee

Read more about notification rules in connection with resignation of employment by the employee here.

Fixed-term employment

If an employee and the university have agreed on contract work limited in time or based on a specific task, the employment will automatically be terminated when the agreed time has elapsed or the task has been completed. Read more here.

Outstanding holiday entitlements on resignation

The special rules governing taking of the main holiday and transferred holiday in some cases of resignation are described here.Outstanding holiday entitlements on resignation

Pension on resignation

When an employee resigns, Aarhus University will no longer pay pension contributions. The employee is responsible for contacting the pension provider to make new arrangements. Read more about pension on resignation.

Death of an employee

The death of an employee is reported to the local manager who will then inform HR. Relatives may contact HR for information on money payable after the death of the employee.

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