Carriage of dangerous goods in AU vehicles

If you need to transport dangerous goods in AU vehicles, there are some conditions regarding packing, labelling and marking you must attend to.

Please follow the instruction for Transportation in AU vehicles.

Transportation in AU vehicles - english version

You must bring an "Instructions in writing according to ADR", it must be in a language the vehicle crew can read and understand.

Got to the UN website and find "The instructions in writing" in the language(s) you will need for the carraige and print it in colour.

You must also bring a 2 kg portable fire extenguisher on the vehicle.


Must the driver be trained in carriage of dangerous goods?

Yes, it is required.

If you are carrying dangerous goods as wxcepted quantities (EQ) or limieted quantities (LQ), the driver must have a chapter 1.3 education.

If you are  carrying dangerous goods below the exemptions related to quantities carried per transport unit in ADR, the driver must have a chapter 1.3 education.

AU´s safety adviser is giving the chapter 1.3 education to AU employees.

If you need to carry above the quantities in, there will be several requirements regarding the vehicle, the vehicle crew and the driver must have a chapter 8.2 eduaction  - then you need to book a freigthforwarder to do the job.



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