Dangerous goods shipments

If you need to transport dangerous goods by road, ship and/or air, a knowledgeable person must be consulted. Persons who wrap, pack and label dangerous goods are required to take an approved course with a corresponding certificate.

If you need to send a package with dangerous goods, please contact:

  • Arctic Research Center  - Egon Frandsen
  • Department of chemistry - Bo Richter
  • iNANO - Morten Foss
  • All others at AU - Cathrin Guldager Sørensen (Trine).

When you contact the dangerous goods personel, preferably well in advance, you need to describe in details:

  • The name, adress and telephone number of the shipper.
  • The name, adress and telephone number of the consignee.
  • What kind of dangerous goods, UN number or send a SDS/MSDS.
  • Voulme, amount of packagings and packaging type.
  • The name of the freigtforwarder/Courier, the route - road, air and/or sea.


Afterwards you will get an instruction in how to wrap, pack and label the goods and you will receive a shippers declaration/ dangerous goods transport document that need to accompany the consignment.



1426520 / i40