Screen glasses and safety glasses

Screen glasses and safety glasses

Staff members at Aarhus University working in front of a computer on a regular basis are entitled to an eye test and possibly screen glasses if it is deemed necessary. Staff members who work in laboratories and who need glasses to carry out work requiring safety glasses are entitled to safety glasses fitted with corrective lenses.

The employer (department or section) must pay for the eye test, the screen glasses and the safety glasses.

Purchasing screen glasses and safety glasses

Aarhus University has chosen Synoptik as its primary supplier of prescription screen glasses and safety glasses. 

The agreed price range for screen glasses purchased from Synoptik is:

  • Frame DKK 285 + two lenses @ DKK 665 = DKK 1,615.

Dansk ErhvervsOptik has been chosen as the secondary supplier of screen glasses.

The agreed price range for screen glasses purchased from Dansk ErhvervsOptik is:

  • Frame DKK 310 + two lenses @ DKK 920 = DKK 2,150.

When ordering screen glasses, you must print out a purchase order from either Synoptik or Dansk Erhvervsoptik which must be completed and signed by your manager and then taken to the optician.

 When ordering safety glasses, you need to print out the following purchase order from Synoptik:

294753 / i40