At AU, we do not tolerate bullying. Managers at AU must prevent bullying from occurring through active and clear communication. The managers are also responsible for intervening quickly and consistently in cases involving bullying or other offensive behaviour, or in case of suspicion of bullying or offensive behaviour.

We all, both staff and students, have a duty to say no to offensive behaviour and bullying – whether you are a victim of bullying or a witness. You also have an obligation to attempt to resolve the situation in collaboration with the university. 

What is bullying?

Bullying often takes the form of gossip, slander or offensive/degrading communication to or about the person in question. According to The Danish Working Environment Authority, bullying is when one or more persons regularly and over an extended period of time – or repeatedly in a rude manner – subject one or more other persons to offensive acts which the person perceives as degrading or hurtful. However, the offensive acts only become bullying when the persons they are aimed at are not in a position to defend themselves effectively against them.

Bullying is different from other types of offensive behaviour in that it is always systematically aimed at the same persons or groups of people. It is also often the same person or persons who engage in the offensive behaviour.

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