Bullying often takes the form of gossip, slander or offensive/degrading communication to or about the person in question. Bullying is when one or more persons regularly and over an extended period of time – or repeatedly in a rude manner – subject one or more persons to offensive acts which the person perceives as degrading and finds it hard to defend himself or herself against.

Employees who are victims of bullying or who witness bullying are encouraged to contact their manager, union representative or occupational health and safety group HR partner and perhaps use AU’s psychological consultancy scheme.

Read more about bullying and handling bullying in the AU personnel policy.


Prevention and measures

The Work Environment Knowledge Centre is focusing in particular on bullying, and their website offers lots of advice and tools for preventing and handling bullying as well as the latest knowledge on the subject. Read more here


Danish Working Environment Authority’s bullying hotline and digital whistle-blowing service

People who are bullied, their relatives and colleagues can call the Danish Working Environment Authority hotline on tel. 70 12 12 88 for guidance and help to tackle bullying. Companies are also welcome to ask for guidance on how to tackle actual issues and prevent bullying. Using the hotline does not mean that the Danish Working Environment Authority will inspect the company.

People who are either bullied or who witness bullying can also report bullying via a digital whistle-blowing service. The whistle-blower’s anonymity is guaranteed by the Danish Working Environment Authority’s duty of confidentiality, and, based on the report they receive, the authority will determine whether or not to inspect the company, department etc.

Read more here


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