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Procedure for reporting industrial injuries etc.


From the 29'th of Marts 2019 work related accidents must be reportet by filling out the information online by a link in the right upper corner.

When the accident has been reported, the work accident team will go through the report and handle the procedure of sending the information in likeness to the present procedure.

All the rest of the procedures has gone through no change.

What is a work accident

A work accident is a physical or mental injury that follows an incident or exposure that occurred suddenly or within five days. 

Employees at Aarhus University are covered by the Danish Workers’ Compensation Act (Arbejdsskadeloven). Students must contact their own insurance company in the event of an accident, unless they are injured during the performance of work for the university (see note on ‘Insurance at Aarhus University’ at the right).

Occupational diseases (work-related illnesses) must be reported through your own medical doctor.

How to report an accident at work

If you are involved in an accident at work, you must as quickly as possible contact your leader or your health and safety representative.

Please note that pursuant to the Danish Working Environment Act, the employer (Aarhus University) must report accidents at work as soon as possible and within nine days of the accidents taking place in the case of accidents which have resulted in absence due to illness for one or more days over and above the day of the injury. 

Injuries should be reported to HR as soon as possible in order to allow HR to report them within the nine-day deadline.

The injured person and a person from the health and safety group must report the accident together (see in the right upper corner).

The team of work related injury in AU HR, Development and Work Environment will hereafter receive the report and finish the report.

Occupational diseases

By a occupational diseases (work-related illnesses) is meant a disease, that are caused through a longer period of time at work or by the working conditions. 

A presumed or present occupational disease must be reported by medical doctors or dentists

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Death at Work

Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring must before 48 hours be contacted about death at work, which is assumed to be related to a work accident. The same goes for any death which occurs at work.

Report must be phoned in on +45 20 42 63 97 to Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring (


Incidents which could have developed into accidents at work, but where no bodily injury was caused, are called near-accidents/near-misses. These near accidents can be registered in a form (see in right margin) to reduce the risk of recurrences.

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Damaged eyeglasses

Damage to eyeglasses must be reported to AU HR, Development and Work Environment on a special form, which can be downloaded in the right-hand column.

Complete the form and send it to AU HR, Development and Work Environment.

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What happens next

AU HR, Development and Work Environment is responsible for notifying the Danish Working Environment Authority, Labour Market Insurance and the insurance unit at the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants via EASY (The Danish system for electronically reporting work injuries). AU HR also sends a copy of the report to the injured person and an anonymised version to the occupational health and safety group.

Labour Market Insurance sends copies of all outgoing letters to the injured employee to keep him or her informed about the status of the case. 

Labour Market Insurance decides whether the reported accident at work can be recognised as such, and decides whether any compensation should be paid. All expences regarding an acident at work with an injuried person, must in the examine periode, when the Labour Maket Insurence examine the injury, be paid by the unit where the injured is employed. Any compensation is disbursed directly by the insurance unit at the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants and the unit where the injured is employed, will be charged the compensation.

Note: AU HR, Development and Work Environment assesses all accidents resulting in less than one day of absence. Injuries which do not result in absence over and above the day of the injury are not reportable, and initially they will therefore only be registered. Under Danish law, the injured person’s right to have an accident reported as a potential work injury lapses one year after the day of the injury. It is therefore important to contact AU HR if the accident gives rise to discomfort or inconvenience, or if expenses are incurred as a result of the accident.

Reporting an accident at work

The health and safety group must report the accident by the link:

Note! In week 28 - 30 we handle cases once a week.

Do you have comments to digital report, please write to

Other forms:

If you have any questions, please contact AU HR, Development and Work Environment, Team Organisation and Work Environment by email at 


Like other state institutions, Aarhus University is self-insured, and the memo 'Forsikringsforhold på Aarhus Universitet' (Insurance at Aarhus University - in Danish only)’ describes the implications of this, giving examples of how Aarhus University’s self-insurance covers bodily injury and property damage.     

Expenses for medical care

If the injury gives rise to expenses for dental treatment, physiotherapy, chiropractor treatment etc., you must submit the bills for these treatments as quickly as possible to AU HR, Development and Work Environment, which will forward them to Aarhus University’s insurance company the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants.

In other words, you must initially pay for the treatment yourself. Labour Market Insurance decides whether you are entitled to full or partial reimbursement of the expenses incurred as a result of your injury, after which your employer will be informed. However, treatment costs are only possible reimbursed if the injury is deemed to be a work injury.

Injured abroad?

If you have been injured abroad – for example while doing research, fieldwork or attending a conference – your injury can be reported as a work injury if you suffered the injury in the course of your work.

In the case of accidents or injuries which cannot be regarded as work injuries, any expenses relating to treatment etc. may, however, be covered by AU’s travel insurance (Europæiske Rejseforsikring). You should always remember to take an insurance card with you on official trips. Read more on the AU Finance website

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