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Physical WPA 2015

Physical WPA action plan in the Fall of 2015

AU's Occupational Health and Safety Organisation (AMO) suggested that the workplace assessment (WPA) questionnaire survey should not be sent out until the AU organisation and the AMO have settled in after the adjustments.

The Main Liaison Committee (HSU) and the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMU) decided that the physical WPA questionnaire survey will be sent out in mid-September 2015. The psychological WPA questionnaire survey will be sent out in the late first quarter or early second quarter of 2016.

AU HR held a theme meeting for AMO 8/9 2015 informing about the 2015 physical WPA. Find the content HERE.

AMO will also be offered presentation courses on the action plan system, Rambøll APV. The purpose is to support AMO's management and employee representatives in relation to following up on the physical WPA and enable them to do this in a more effective and user-friendly manner than in 2012. 

Identification of physical WPA (workplace assessment):

The identification of the physical workplace environment is carried out by means of an electronic questionnaire emailed to all employees in mid-September 2015. It is therefore important that employees who do not have daily access to a PC are given access to a PC with an internet connection allowing them to answer the questionnaire. Employees who are affected by should contact their operational manager.

Here are the AU results, the report from physical WPA 2015

Action Plans for Physical WPA:

Rambøll APV is used for the development of action plans.

If a unit chooses not to use the Rambøll APV, the identification of the problems can be transferred to Excel, and action plans can be made in Excel sheets.



Timetable – Physical WPA



Physical WPA questionnaire approved by HAMU

16/4 2015


Information about the Physical WPA process via:


-       Employee Website and mail to AU's health and safety organisation

May 2015 week 22


-       Newsletter in Danish

August 2015 week 34


-       Mail to third level leaders and employees in Danish and English

August 2015 week 35


-       Team meeting for AU's health and safety organisation

8/9 2015


Completion of the survey in Danish and English

September 2015 week 38

3 Deadline for answering the Survey 27/9 2015 at the time 23:59

AU's health and safety organisation is offered training in the action plan system Rambøll APV

21/9 2015 or 28/9 2015 or 2/10 2015


HAMU, FAMU and AAMU together with Third level Leaders will receive the Reports Thursday. All of AU's Health and Safety Organization will receive access to Rambøll APV Friday with access to Reports and Problems and the development of Action Plans


October 2015 week 41


The action plan work starts in the health and safety organisation

October 2015


The whole WPA is evaluated in writing at all management levels in a bottom-up process

3rd or 4th quarter of 2016

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