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Manuals for email autoreply

Suggestions for automatic reply

Your message should contain information about the following:

  • Lenght of the holiday/absence (dates)
  • E.g. Name of a colleague whom you can contact during your absence
  • The autoreply should be in Danish and in English

Suggestion for an autoreply in Danish:

Jeg holder ferie i perioden [indsæt dato, fx 16. juli - 8. august 2015] og træffes igen [indsæt dato, fx mandag den 9. august 2015].

Du kan evt. kontakte [indsæt navn(e) og evt. titel på kollega(er) eller nærmeste leder, fx sekretariatleder Lone Larsen, hvis du har hastesager under min ferie. 

Suggestion for an autoreply in English:

I am out of office (holiday) on [insert date, e.g. 16 July - 8 August 2015]. I will be back in the office on [insert date, e.g. Monday, 9 August 2015].

In case of urgent matters, please contact my colleague [insert name(s) of contact person(s) and possibly title of position, e.g. Lone Larsen, Head of Secretariat].

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