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Send files larger than email can handle

Two examples of programs for the transfer of large data files

NFIT Parcel mail

NFIT's system for transferring large files

  • You can transfer very large files (theoretical there is no limit).
  • Note: Unfortunately, the program may fail due to the Java updates etc. - if that's causing you troubles, we recommend: "FileSender"

1. For NFIT users

  • For NFIT users sending files to others, even outside AU
  • Requires NFIT login via "NFIT Selfsevice":
    - select "Share large files" after login

2. For others

For others, outside NFIT, but sending files to NFIT users only

Without login:

Comments and hints

Recipient email address(es) must be written "clean", ie. no name(s) etc. from the mail program or address book

The recipients receive an email from with subject "Post Office mail", containing links to download the file(s)

Always write a personal message to the recipient in the "Message" field, so there's no doubt about the message authenticity

In version "2" it is only possible to send to NFIT users, ie. recipient(s) must have mail address(es) under the Faculty of Science & Technology at Aarhus University - do you need a copy for yourself, you should ask for mail forwarding from the NFIT recipient

When the lower byte counter has counted up to the displayed file size (for all files), the upload has finished - and the Java applet can be closed (close browser window)

"Filesender", an alternative program independent of Java

"Filesender" runs via the Internet website…

Filesender is not an AU program and AUIT does not provide support, but
it appears to be easy to use:

  • Can be used by anyone with an WAYF login (see
  • You can send to all, everywhere
  • Seems to work using HTML-5 coding via an Internet browser
  • and without using Java

Short info on using Filesender

  • Open in your Internet Browser
  • Click on Logon and enter your WAYF login (the same as for
  • Enter the recipient email address as well as personal comments, so there's no doubt about the message authenticity
  • Select the relevant data file via "Browse"
    - please note that you can only send one file at a time (if there is more to be sent, you could compress the files into a zip file)
  • Remember logging off afterwards
  • After uploading it takes a while (almost 10 minutes when I tested), then the recipient and sender both receive an email with download link - click on this, and in the next window click on "Start Download"
  • After the download you will be notified by email from the system Filesender

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