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2-step verification

2-Step Verification means, that your usual login includes an extra step, which in this case, is a popup message on your Smartphone.

How does it work?

When you wish to log in to the AU VPN, you type in your username and password as usual. After this, the App you have installed on your smartphone will show a popup message, asking if you are in the process of logging in. To verify and proceed with your login, you simply press accept.

Why is it important?

The first reason to use 2-Step Verification, is that a would-be criminal who gets his hands on your username and password, now also need to get his hands on your Smartphone, to access your personal account on protected systems at Aarhus University.

How to enroll 2-step verification

1- Log into using nemid

To enroll 2-step verification you must log into using nemid. If you don't have nemid, contact your IT support

If you are not logge into using nemid, you will be asked to login using nemid before you can enroll 2-step-verification. 



2- Download the NetIQ Advanced Authentication- app for your smartphone

Download via link

Download the app for your smartphone via this link:


For iPhone

Install the app NetIQ Advanced Authentication from App Store. 

This is the link to the app in App Store


For Android phones

Install the app NetIQ Advanced Authentication from Google Play.

This is the link to the app in Google Play


For Windows phones

Install the app NetIQ Advanced Authentication from Microsoft Store

This is the link to the app in Microsoft Store

3 - Enroll 2 step verification

1. On click 2-Step Verification below "Personal information"

2. You will now enter this screen (Unless you did not log in using nemid. In that case you will be asked to log in using nemid.)


3. Start the app NetIQ Advanced Authentication on your smartphone.


4. Accept the End User License Agreement if you want to use the app.




5. Set a PIN code, that you choose for your self.



6. Dial the same PIN code. This PIN code is now you personal PIN for the app.




7. Allow the app to send you notifications. This way you will be notified when you try loging in using 2-step verification.


8. Press the plus in the upper right corner.


9. Allow the app to use you camera for scanning the QR code.


10. Scan the QR code on the computerscreen.

You do this by letting the app take a picture of the QR code on the screen.

11. Once the code is generated you must give the 2 step verification a name

When you have scanned the code you will see this on you smartphone. Give the account a name.

12. You are now enrolled for 2 step verirfication.

And you will see this on your smarpthone. You do not need the authenticator code that counts down. (Only if you smartphone is offline, when trying to log into 2 step veririfcation).

Using 2-step verification

Log in using 2-step verification

Start connecting to the service (in this example: VPN)

Type your username eg. (for consultants: ) and password

Wait a few seconds and check your smartphone for an authentication request.


Open the NetIQ Advanced Authentication-app and press Accept.

If your smartphone is offline

If you can't connect to a dataconnection(4G) or wifi, then you can't recieve an autentication request from the two step authentication server.

In stead you can type the code shown in the NetIQ Advanced Authentication app

Type the password in the following way

  • Username:
  • Password: xxxxxxxxxxx&<the code from the app>   (Remember the &-sign after your password and before the code from the APP)




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