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Quality antivirus software can protect you against virus. AU uses the antivirus software McAfee on almost all AU computers.
It is important that you check to see if McAfee is installed and updated on your work computer. If you have any questions regarding McAfee, please contact your local IT support.

Antivirus on your work computer

This is how you check to see if you have McAfee antivirus software on you work computer.

When your computer is connected to AU's network, McAfee will complete a scan of your computer at 12 o'clock on the third Wednesday every month. You may experience that you computer is slower than normal during the scan.

If you experience that your work computer is slower after you have replaced Sophos antivirus software with McAfee, AU IT can help. Please contact your local IT Support.

Antivirus on your private computer

As an employee and student at AU, you can buy McAfee Total Protection at a discount. McAfee TotalProtection is a reliable antivirus program that protects your personal information. The program can be installed on all computers (Windows and Mac) and smartphones (iOS and Android) in your household.

You can purchase McAfee LiveSafe at and use the discount code AARHUS2017

The above offerings are for private use only. If you haven't installed McAfee antivirus on your AU computer, we ask you to contact your local IT support. Find contact information at If you have questions about McAfee LiveSafe or need help, contact McAfee directly:

AU's IT support does not support McAfee Total Protection.

More information

Find more information about antivirus on

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