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AU HR, Development and Work Environment

Tasks of the department

AU HR, Development and Work Environment contributes actively and in a targeted manner to the development of a close cooperation between small and large units, their efficiency and results - wherever it creates the most value in relation to the goals and core activities of AU.  AU HR, Development and Work Environment supports the management and the organisation based on a holistic view in order to contribute to the balance between core activities, goals, organisation, resources, and people in each unit and across AU.

The unit also offers relevant “non-academic” competency development and learning programmes for AU’s managers and employees. Academic competency development programmes are developed and offered by the department’s centres for university pedagogics and didactics. 

Furthermore, the unit arranges a series of management development programmes and courses which focus on specific management tools. 

The unit also offers advisory services and guidance for the HR departments in the four administration centres.

Read more about the services here.

Organisation and Work Environment

  • Administrative support for the Main Liaison Committee (HSU) and the Administration’s Liaison Committee (ASU)
  • Administrative support and specialist advisory services for the occupational health and safety committees (Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee, Faculty Occupational Health and Safety Committee, Administration Occupational Health and Safety Committee)
  • Administrative support for the senior management team and management of cross-organisational projects e.g. staff policy, the DHL relay race, salary negotiations, Empower Talent, etc.
  • AU Election Secretariat
  • Contact to government agencies and institutions, e.g. the Danish Working Environment Authority
  • Project management of psychological and physical WPAs for AU
  • Administrative services in connection with work-related injuries
  • Mandatory occupational health and safety courses
  • Advisory services regarding work environment, stress and well-being in groups

Employees in Team Organisation & Work Environment

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Grost, KarinaDevelopment Consultantkgro@au.dk5220, 220
Kristensen, Martin KeisDevelopment Consultantmkk@au.dk5220, 216
Nielsen, Eva DamsgaardDevelopment Consultantedn@au.dk5220, 214

Organisational Learning & Development

  • Support in relation to improving group cooperation, communication, efficiency, organisation, well-being, meetings, etc. in departments, centres and administrative units.
  • Management development
  • AU orientation meetings and introduction of new employees
  • Development and maintenance of the Staff Development Dialogue concept (SDD) as well as strategic follow-up on SDD dialogues
  • Collective and coordinated initiatives for trainees at AU
  • Strategies and cross-organisational initiatives in relation to recruitment at AU
  • Personality and leadership tests
  • Senior management recruitment 

Employees in Team Organisational Learning and Development

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Grost, KarinaDevelopment Consultantkgro@au.dk5220, 220
Martini, MichaelDevelopment, 226
Nielsen, Eva DamsgaardDevelopment Consultantedn@au.dk5220, 214
Nissen, Ina WilkensHR Assistantiwn@au.dk5220, 224
Svendsen, Astrid Viola HornbechDevelopment, 217
Tøttrup, Caroline AhlgrenDevelopment, 224
Vestergaard, Henrik PhilippHR, 224

Head of Development & Work Environment


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