International Office, AU Student Administration and Services

The International Office is involved in the recruitment, welcoming and provision of information and services to exchange students and international students enrolled on full degree programmes in collaboration with the faculties. It is also in charge of organising the AU Summer University. The International Office consists of two sections.

Mobility and Transnational Education

The section fulfils a cross-organisational function in relation to incoming and outgoing mobility of exchange students and the administration of scholarship and exchange programmes. In addition, the section supports international educational cooperation and operates a help desk for international students.


The section is responsible for housing services for all international target groups and operates a help desk for those looking for accommodation.

Employees in International Office

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Andersen, Anja Junge TaudalStudent Workerajta@au.dk1650
Andersen, Catherina
Andersen, Maria MølgaardStudent Workermariama@au.dk1600
Bigum,, 120
Brandenborg, MetteHead of, 120
Clemmensen, Niels NørregaardStudent Workerniels@au.dk1650
Dalsgaard, Birgitte PaulineAccounts, 120
Duarte, Louise YdemannInternational, 118
Eggen, Marc SejrStudent Workermarcse@au.dk1650
Eriksen, Trine HøjInternational, 124
Foldager, Gitte BindzusMarketing, 122
Fuglsang, Mathias KjeldgaardStudent Workermkje@au.dk1650
Gårdhus, Anders BorchorstInternational
Hansen, Alberte HeroldStudent Workeraherold@au.dk1650
Jensen, Emil FiskerStudent Workerefj@au.dk1650
Jensen, KarenHead of, 112
Jørgensen, Lukas
Kim, SigneStudent Workersignekim@au.dk1650
Knudsen, Amanda LangelandStudent Workeramlk@au.dk1650
Kostova, ViktoriaStudent Workerviko@au.dk1650
Kristensen, Charlotte SkovInternational, 118
Kristensen, Maria DalumStudent Workermdk@au.dk1650
Madariaga Alvarez, Teresa BStudent Workerteresabma@au.dk1650
Mortensen, Tine FredsøInternational, 125
Nielsen, RikkeInternational Managerrikkenielsen@au.dk1652, 120
Nim, Jakob
Nørgaard Henneberg, KajaChief, 126
Poulsen, Aviaja KjærStudent Workeraviajak@au.dk1650
Sandal, Natalya AngelInternational, 117
Seiersen, Helle ColdingInternational, 121
Skovborg, LotteInternational, 118
Storm Olin,, 125
Sørensen, Bente BrochInternational
Sørensen, Christian Kokholm MallingStudent Workerckms@au.dk1650
Sørensen, Dorte FønsProject, 116
Sørensen, Nina LykkeStudent Workernls@au.dk1650
Vestergaard, Hellen MariaInternational, 116
Villadsen, Lena MelchiorInternational
Eaton, Sara ØlholmInternational
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