Admissions, AU Student Administration and Services

Tasks of the section

This section is organised into two teams: Admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes and Admissions to Master’s degree programmes and supplementary subjects. The following tasks are performed:

  • admission and registration of students with Danish or foreign basis for admission
  • consideration of cases concerning exemptions and the allocation of free places and scholarships or payment for full-time studies
  • guidance for applicants on application for admission
  • advice on operational requirements in respect of admission requirements, restricted admission and selection criteria.
  • withdrawals at the students’ own request and consideration of applications for leave.

Employees in Admissions

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Abrahamsson, Mia Schmidt Student Worker 1445
Andersen, Rikke Skaaning Student Worker 1445
Baier, Solveig Berg Student Worker 1445
Boisen, Asger Steen Member of Administrative Staff +4587152803 1445
Borre, Anders Lund Member of Administrative Staff 1445
Busk, Mette Administrator 1445, 134
Dahl, Anna Student Worker 1445
Edelenbos, Laura Elisabeth Student Worker 1445
Feldt, Charlotte Kassow Administrator +4587153525 1445, 113
Frederiksen, Emma Kamuk Student Worker 1445
Friis, Pernille Administrator +4587153609 1445, 113
Fromm Dall, Anders Member of Administrative Staff 1445
Gam, Christina Høgh Senior Administrative Assistant +4587152829 1445, 112
Gammelgaard, Marianne Member of Administrative Staff +4587153759 1445
Goduscheit, Helle Bjørnbak Administrator +4587152804 1445, 130
Hansen, Frederikke Amalie Skaarup Student Worker 1445
Haxen, Sabine Louisa Student Worker 1445
Henriksen, Marie Østergaard !!personlig assistent 1445, 133
Honoré, Camilla Member of Administrative Staff 1445
Hviid, Rikke Brixvold coordinator +4587152631 1445, 229
Hyllested, Pia Administrator +4587152771 1445, 112
Jensen, Christian Student Worker 1445
Jensen, Christina Smedegaard Administrator +4587153305 1445, 126
Jensen, Kirsten Dreizler Student Worker 1445
Jensen, Lasse Tamberg !!Tværgående koordinator specialkonsulent +4587152816 1445
Jensen, Laura Maria Student Counsellor 1350, 125
Jensen, Signe Holk Student Worker 1445
Jespersen, Dorte Member of Administrative Staff +4587153743 1445
Jezierza-Szteyner, Wiktor Student Worker 1445, 133
Kielsgård, Anja Rimmer Chief Secretary +4551180903 1430, 218
Knudsen, Ditte Aalund Student Worker 1445
Kristiansen, Marie Friis Student Worker 1445
Larsen, Annette Administrator +4587152634 1445, 119
Larsen, Emilie Grønbæk Student Worker 1445
Lillemose, Mette Kastberg Member of Administrative Staff +4587152812 1445, 134
Lund, Anne Karina Member of Administrative Staff +4587153506 1445
Mathiasen, Andrea Emilie Student Worker 1445
Mauritsen, Anne Lundahl PhD Student
Mortensen, Julie Lynge Student Worker 1445
Nielsen, Casper Leisner Student worker 1520
Pedersen, Jette Loll Chief Consultant +4587152645 1445, 117
Petersen, Sidsel Bjerre Student Worker 1445
Petersen, Sidsel Palle Student Worker 1445
Poulsen, Nikoline Marstrup Student Worker 1445
Simonsen, Bo Vittrup Student Worker 1445
Skriver-Møller, Anders Christian Student Worker 1445
Suneson, Inge Student Worker 1445
Søndergaard, Marie Yde Personal student assistant 1445, 133
Sørensen, Amalie Student Worker 1445
Sørensen, Jacob Member of Administrative Staff +4587152673 1445
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