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Rector's Office

The main task of the Rector's Office is to offer political, strategic and legal advisory services and sparring to the senior management team with particular focus on the rector, the pro-rector and the university director.

Another core task of the Rector's Office is to take an overall, cross-organisational view of the entire university and to facilitate and communicate decision-making processes internally at the university as well as ensuring that these processes are planned clearly, allowing as much time as possible for the inclusion of relevant bodies and staff/students. 

The Rector's Office is divided into three groups:

  • Secretariat and Legal Support
  • Analysis and Policy
  • Communication and Press

Head of Rector's Office

Kirsten Jensen

Head of Rectors Office
H bldg. 1430, 223
P +4587152043
P +4527782866

1425340 / i40