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An AU advent calendar for staff members

  • You can win a box of Tænkepauser (in Danish)

Question of the day Friday 14 December: Which emails must not be stored in AU's email and calendar system for more than 30 days?


  1. Newsletter from the senior management team
  2. Emails containing sensitive personal data
  3. Emails containing any type of personal data
  4. Emails about password expiration


Aarhus University is the data controller for processing personal data in connection with the quiz. We will process the personal data you provide us with in connection with the completion of this form. Your answer and your AU email address will stored until the advent calendar has been completed on 21 December 2018, after which all of the information will be deleted.

The correct answers - week 49

The winner is Britta True

Monday 3 December:
Jens Christian Skou’s office is located at the Steno Museum

Tuesday 4 December:
At the Festival of Research 2018 you could NOT learn about Diabetes

Wednesday 5 December:
Two-factor authentication refers to an extra layer of protection when you log on to a system or service.

Thursday 6 December:
1,855 AU employees participated in the DHL relay race in 2018

Friday 7 December:
Campus 2.0 is The overall plan for the future development of AU's campusses 

How do I play?

  • On each weekday from 3 to 21 December, a new question will be posted on this page about the past year at AU.
  • All employees are eligible to participate.
  • You participate by filling out the questionnaire with your answer to the day’s question and your AU mail address.
  • Every week (the following Monday), we will draw a winner from among those who have answered the most questions correctly during the week.
  • The prize is a box set of Tænkepauser (‘reflections’) books. 
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