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2012.11.22 | Administrative conditions, Frontpage

All webpages unavailable on Monday 26 November from 19.00 - 20.00.

Due to planned system work on CMS/TYPO3, all the university’s websites will be unavailable for about 20 minutes from 19.00 - 20.00 on Monday 26 November.

2012.11.20 | Education, Staff, News

Warning against secret recordings during exams

In the light of an incident at the University of Southern Denmark, Vice-Dean for Education Peder Østergaard encourages all members of the teaching staff at Aarhus University to pay special attention to whether students take all of their belongings with them when leaving the room before discussing the students’ performance.

2012.11.15 | Administrative conditions, Staff, Frontpage

AU to clearly prioritise administrative projects

The senior management team has formalised the process of prioritising administrative projects at AU on the basis of an evaluation of their relevance.

2012.10.26 | Frontpage

No explosives found after bomb threat at Campus Fuglesangs Allé

Aarhus University received a letter this morning containing a bomb threat against Campus Fuglesangs Allé. The area has been searched by the police and nothing suspicious was found. More information will follow.

2012.10.26 | Økonomi, Frontpage

Networks that build bridges

Are you a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow? Would you like to meet other young researchers at Aarhus University – cutting across academic boundaries, faculties and nationalities? If so, take a look at what the new PhD House Activity Group can offer you.

2012.10.17 | Frontpage

Small fire in building 1445 and 1448

In connection with renovations on the ground floor of building 1445 at Aarhus University, a number of PVC pipes ignited Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. All were evacuated quickly from the building, and no one was hurt.

2012.10.16 | Staff,, Frontpage

Social impact is a key word i Brazilian science

Brazil has focused massively on science, and this opens new opportunities for Danish researchers to collaborate with Brazilian colleagues. In this article, a Brazilian researcher talks about research in Brazil and the opportunities and challenges it offers.

All photos: Jesper Rais/AU Kommunikation

2012.10.10 | Events, Staff, Frontpage

Autumn holidays at Aarhus University

Rainbows, a look at the stars, and a look under a lion’s skin. These are just some of the things you can experience at Aarhus University during the autumn holidays. Adults can get to know more about the medium-sized mammal homo sapiens.

Foto: Lars Kruse/AU Kommunikation

2012.10.05 | Administrative conditions, Staff, Frontpage

Major challenges for administrative employees

The comprehensive programme of renewing and merging the university's administrative IT systems is currently making heavy demands on the administrative employees – both back and front-office staff.

Illustration: Colourbox

2012.09.24 | Staff, Administrative conditions, Frontpage

Changes in your payslip

In September the launch of Aarhus University’s new, joint financial management model resulted in changes in the information stated on the payslips of many employees.

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