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New telephone numbers for Science and Technology staff in Aarhus

The last stage of the conversion to a new joint telephone system at Aarhus University will take place between Friday 25 November at 16.00 and Monday 28 November at 8.00, when staff, units and functions in Aarhus will be given new phone numbers, and the university’s main number will change to: +45 8715 0000.

2011.11.02 | Christina Troelsen

Science and Technology at Campus Aarhus is next in line. The implementation of the new telephone system will begin on Friday 25 November and should be complete by the following Monday. All staff, units and functions will be given new numbers that will start with 8715 or 8716 as the first four digits.

How will you be informed about your new phone number?

You will receive a personal e-mail with your new number around the middle of November. The e-mail will also contain advice about what you need to do and where you can find support. In addition, a list with the numbers of units and functions will be published (e.g. the numbers of departments and student guidance) in the course of November.

What do you need to do?

As soon as you receive your new number, we recommend that you inform your network and add to your e-mail signature that the new number will apply as of 28 November. The numbers will automatically be corrected on the pages that collect information directly from the telephone database, for example your PURE page.

What will happen if someone calls your old number?

If someone tries to call an old number, the person will hear a message that Aarhus University has been given new numbers and be referred to the main local number. This service will be in force for three months. By referring to the main local number instead of automatically connecting the caller to the new number, we avoid people continuing to call the old numbers.

What about my mobile?

The conversion applies to landline numbers ONLY; all existing mobile numbers remain unchanged.

Will I receive a new phone?

Only a limited number of phones in Aarhus will be replaced in connection with the conversion.

Why a new telephone system?

The purpose of the new telephone system is:

  • To provide cheaper operation. The new standardised telephony system is much cheaper to run than the many different, decentralised phone systems in use today.
  • To create a logical connection between the organisation and the number system. All internal and external phone numbers will be replaced and adapted to the new organisational chart so they become a logical part of the university’s structure and at the same time signal that Aarhus University is one single university spanning across different locations.
  • To provide optimal service to internal and external target groups by means of a common switchboard platform that will ensure a better and more uniform switchboard function.
  • That all staff members can make local calls to each other.
  • To tidy up both local lines and old numbering schemes.


Additional information

You can find general information about the project and various guidelines at See also FAQs for questions regarding the conversion.


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