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It all started with a tweet (click for a larger image).

2017.11.14 | Research

“We need to internationalise research communication”

Almost 50,000 readers, translation into French and publication in the French daily newspaper Le Monde as well as an invitation to be keynote speaker at an international conference in the USA with all expenses paid. Does it sound almost too good to be true? It is the result of one research communication article written by Hanne K. Adriansen,…

Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, a professor with special responsibilities at the Department of Comparative Literature and Rhetoric, is the chair of the steering committee, which also includes Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo and vice-dean Niels Lehmann.

2017.11.03 | Arts

Ambitious digital literacy course for researchers at the Faculty of Arts

This is your chance to improve your digital skills and gain input and inspiration helping you to develop new research methods. A course in digital methods and information processing – for both beginners and advanced users alike.

2017.06.29 | Arts

Summer message from Johnny Laursen

The dean hopes that all students and staff have a great summer holiday.

2017.06.27 | Research

Do you use personal data in your research?

Owing to the introduction of new, tighter rules in 2018, Aarhus University needs an overview of the processing of personal data at the university. Please respond to the questionnaire - whether you use personal data in your research or not.

2017.06.21 | Arts

Personal study portal for all students at the Faculty of Arts

For a long time now, AU students have been asking for better access to all the systems containing information about their degree programmes. Their wish is about to come true. gives each individual student access to precisely the information they need. And they only need to log in once.

2017.06.14 | Research

Invitation to become an associated member of Centre for Higher Education Futures

A new research centre called the Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) has been established at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University. Everyone researching into the field of higher education within Aarhus University is hereby invited to become an associated member.

Photo: Azra Mujacic.

2017.01.31 | Students

New exchange students on a treasure hunt

The new exchange students for the spring semester of 2017 had an intro day at the Faculty of Arts on Friday 27 January, with a treasure hunt, sandwiches, soft drinks and Danish liquorice

2017.01.09 | People

Johnny Laursen new Chairman of the Board at DIIS

On 1 January 2017, Johnny Laursen takes up the position as chairman of the board at DIIS, the Danish Institute for International Studies.

2017.01.05 | Arts

Happy Christmas from the dean

Dean Johnny Laursen looks back at 2016 and forward to 2017, wishing staff and students at the Faculty of Arts a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2016.12.22 | Research

Network for Gender Research Further Strengthened

Until now, GIR (Gendering in Research Network) has been connected with and financed by the Interacting Minds Centre, but for the next two years, it is further strengthened to the benefit of everyone with an interest in gender research at Aarhus University.

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