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The Administrative Centre, Arts (ACA)

The Administration Centre Arts (ACA) supports the faculty’s research and education, as well as coordinating the faculty’s administrative systems. The centre has two locations: Emdrup in Copenhagen, and Tåsingegade in Aarhus.


All members of staff at the Faculty of Arts have one or more contacts at the Administration Centre Arts. You can use the links below to find the people you need.

Find your contact here:

When in doubt, contact secretary Bettina Houlberg, Administration Centre Arts: or tel. 5144 3013

Looking for administrative information?

All administrative information can be found under the menu point called Medarbejderservice (“Staff service”). The topic index (emneindekset) shows you whether the information you need has already been described.

About ACA

The Arts Administrative Centre performs supportive administrative tasks for the schools and centres at the Faculty of Arts within the fields of HR, estates management, IT, communication, and PhD and studies administration. The Arts Administrative Centre has about 200 employees based in two geographical locations (Aarhus and Copenhagen).

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