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North-east corner (Ringgaden/Nørrebrogade)

More study spaces: Entire building set aside for the students

From the summer of 2017, all of building 1326 and 56 group room spaces in the neighbouring building will be refurbished for (and by) students - with group rooms, reading spaces and thesis study spaces on all floors.  However, as of April 2017, students will have to do without the study spaces in building 1342. Read more here.

During 2017, Aarhus BSS will be somewhat rearranged. For the students, this means e.g. that many of the reading and thesis study spaces will be gathered in building 1326, which is located in the North-east Corner close to the Ringgade and Nørrebrogade intersection. 

The plan is to create two floors with quiet study spaces, one floor with thesis study spaces and one floor with group rooms. Overall, the new building will provide more study spaces than before. In addition, 56 group room spaces will be included on the 1st and 2nd floors of building 1327. The plan is to create an attractive and vibrant study and teaching environment in buildings 1325, 1326 and 1327.

On the other hand, AU Library is moving to building 1342 where the current study spaces will be closed as of April 2017. Dean Thomas Pallesen will be in dialogue with the various student associations about the imminent changes.

A period with fewer study spaces

As can be seen from the dates, the study spaces in building 1342 will be closed in April 2017, while the new building 1326 must first be vacated, renovated and furnished, and as such will not be ready before August 2017.

Unfortunately, this will result in a period with fewer study spaces.

Students help organise their study environment

The idea is that the newly refurbished buildings 1326 and 1327 will provide the framework for a cosy, practical and serious study environment.

As such, students are invited to participate in the planning of how the new buildings are best organised to meet their wishes and needs.

If you have any input on the refurbishing process, please contact Jeannette Madsen from Aarhus BSS Estates Facilities at

Schedule (approximate dates)

  • April 2017: The reading spaces on two floors of building 1342 are handed over to AU Library, which will take over the space.
  • Commencement of studies, summer of 2017: The newly refurbished building 1326 will be ready with lots of study spaces and a cosy study environment for the students.

Read more about the relocation process here

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