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Occupational Health and Safety Committee, Aarhus BSS

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee (FAMU) plans and coordinates the work environment efforts at the School of Business and Social Sciences. The committee advises the management of health and safety issues. FAMU refers to the The Executive Team at Aarhus BSS and the university's Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMU).

Aarhus BSS, FAMU

Chairman: Anja Zimmerdahl

Vice-chair: Niels Jørgen Relsted

Management representative

Employee representative

Anja Zimmerdahl Anette Storgaard
Carsten Dalsager Jane Frølund Irming
Mikkel Nørgaard   Merete Elmann  
Nikolaj Harbjerg   Niels Jørgen Relsted

Søren Michael Nicholson

Student representative:

Advisor: Eigil Jensen

Consultant and committee secretary

Iben Skrydstrup Vejen

Development Consultant
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