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2012.01.12 | Aarhus BSS

Climate-friendly businesses need Europe

Danish companies cannot afford to go it alone in solving current climate issues. International collaboration is called for, as shown by the results of an MSc thesis from the Department of Economics and Business.

2012.01.12 | Aarhus BSS

Doctoral dissertation gathers research on party competition

For years, Christoffer Green Pedersen, Professor of Political Science, has been doing research on the political agenda in Denmark, and now he is putting the pieces together in his doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Partier i nye tider’ (Political Parties in New Times). His research focuses on the competition between parties to set the political…

2012.01.05 | Aarhus BSS

When company compliance is a must

What does it take to make companies comply with government regulations, and why do some companies break the rules? A new anthology gathers the best international expertise within the field.

2012.01.05 | Aarhus BSS

PhD student receives DKK 50,000 for export research

PhD student Jesper Wulff from the Department of Economics and Business has recently received DKK 50,000 from 'Solar Fonden af 1978'. The funding makes it possible to improve and internationalise his research, which will ultimately increase Danish companies' export opportunities abroad.

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