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2012.03.01 | Aarhus BSS

AU Energy to create broad co-operation within energy research

Through the project entitled AU Energy, Aarhus University is trying to increase the co-operation between the driving forces from the field of energy research at AU. Researchers at Business and Social Sciences are set to strengthen the network.

2012.03.01 | Aarhus BSS

Do you want to help create a broader Staff Association?

Now all staff members at BSS have a unique opportunity to become representatives of the Staff Association and leave their mark on the events arranged by the association. At the annual general meeting on 27 March, all staff members at BSS will have the opportunity to join the board or come up with good ideas for events.

2012.03.01 | Aarhus BSS

Political Science and Government launches mentor experiment

With resources provided by funds from the study environment, the Department of Political Science and Government has just launched a pilot project in which 30 mature students share their experiences from the study life to protégés currently in the second semester. The ambition is to reduce the dropout rate and improve the study environment – and…

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