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Concerts, wine tasting and the Christmas Tree Party...these are just some of the events organised by the Aarhus BSS Staff Association that you can attend with your colleagues. You can also become a member of the board or suggest and help plan events. Just like Mette Tønder from the Department of Law.

2019.02.04 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

Clown and Ice Cream is one of the Staff Association's annual events for the whole family. Photo: Sinne Brandt Jakobsen


The Aarhus BSS Staff Association is the staff association for the whole school. Each year, the association organises a number of professional, social and cultural events to bring together employees from different departments and sections at Aarhus BSS. Events include everything from go karting and concerts to wine tastings, cookery courses and the two large recurring and free events for the entire family - Clown and Ice Cream in June and the Christmas Tree Party in December.

Everyone can contribute

As an employee, you are automatically a member of the Staff Association and can join the many events for very reasonable prices. In addition, you are very welcome to suggest events and contribute to the planning.

This is exactly what Department Secretary Mette Tønder at the Department of Law decided to do. In the autumn, she and her colleagues decided that they would like to learn how to make filled chocolates. Mette contacted the Staff Association and proceeded to put together a chocolate course. The course took place in December, and it was a great success.

“We had a really nice evening,” says Mette. “It’s just a lot a fun spending time with your colleagues in a more social context. You get to know each other in a completely different way - not just your close colleagues, but also across departments and units. You get to put a face to people’s names, and this can actually make a positive difference in your everyday work.”

Would you like to join?

Currently, the board of the staff association consists of a handful of employees from across the school. They are responsible for organising most of the events and marketing the events. However, to continue this good work, more people are needed. Particularly this year where some of our members have left the board due to a change of jobs and we need to elect a new chair of the board.

If you would like to know more about the Staff Association and perhaps contribute to the board work, you can find out much more at this year’s annual general meeting on Wednesday 6 March. You are also welcome to contact one of the current board members to find out more about our work.

See future events

Sign up for the annual general meeting on Wednesday 6 March. Everyone is very welcome!

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