An evening at the Steno Museum

The first Danish astronaut, life in space and the space capsule

2019.01.11 | Henrik Friis Bach

The space capsule has landed in Aarhus. Photo: The Danish Museum of Science & Technology

Date Wed 20 Feb
Time 16:30 19:30
Location Steno Museet


The Staff Association is delighted to invite you to an exciting evening at the Steno Museum. Here we will find out more about the first Danish astronaut who went into space and the space capsule that brought him there and back. We’ll also find out more about life in space.

So mark your calendars for Wednesday 20 February and spend an interesting evening at the Steno Museum.

The event takes place from 16:30 to 19:30. We’ll start out in the Planetarium and get an introduction to life in space. Afterwards, we get to see the space capsule followed by a presentation and an opportunity to ask questions. Finally, we’ll enjoy a sandwich and a soft drink before we get to explore the museum on our own.

The price for attending the event is DKK 30, which includes a sandwich and a soft drink. We can accommodate 60 people, so you can only bring one companion.

Registration deadline: Friday 8 February

Register via this link

Watch a video recording of a presentation by Andreas Mogensen on TVMidtvests’ website (in Danish):

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