MSc students and MBA win major international case competition in Dubai

A team consisting of four MSc students and one MBA graduated from the Department of Business Administration has recently defeated a number of MBA teams from some of the top-ranked universities in the world in a major competition in Dubai.

2012.03.08 | Marianne Gammelgaard

Four MSc students and one MBA-graduated from the Department of Business Administration have recently won the regional final in the Hult Global Case Challenge 2012 in Dubai. The victory has secured them a place in the global final in New York, where the team will be competing for a total prize of $ 1 million together with 17 other teams from around the world.

The team from the Department of Business Administration won over several MBA teams from some of the best universities in the world, despite the fact that four of the five participants on the team are still students. Their task, which formed part of the 'education' track, included the NGO 'One Laptop Per Child' (OLPC). It has been a challenge for OLPC to achieve its goal of educating children in developing countries by means of laptops, for instance by reducing costs and making the product suitable for developing countries.

Strategy plan for NGO
The team's task was to prepare a complete strategy for what OLPC can do differently in order to achieve success in the future. By studying the concept of BoP (bottom of the pyramid) and conducting field research in India, the team has made a proposal for a new business model that focuses more attention on governments, as they usually finance and organise basic education. At the same time, the team has proposed a new way to provide capital for the concept.

- In the long term, it will be possible to develop a self-sufficient ecosystem that enables developing countries to progress by educating their young generation, says Romanian Victor Bradu, MSc student in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership.

Global final in New York
The victory has secured the team a place in the global final in New York, which takes place at the New York Public Library on 26 April. The competing teams will be tested to the limit, since the judging panel and the audience will consist of prominent people such as Bill Clinton, Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunes and the chairman of McKinsey & Co.

- We are very excited about the competition. We see it as a major challenge to compete against such acknowledged schools and present our project in front of such prominent people. Therefore, we also have to work hard in the next couple of months to become completely ready for the final, says Victor Bradu.

Strong Danish degree programmes
The team consists of MSc students in International Business and Strategy, Organisation and Leadership as well as an Executive MBA student in Sustainability.

Associate Professor Morten Rask is a lecturer in the MSc programme in International Business and Head of MSc Programmes at the Department of Business Administration:

- We are proud of what the students have achieved, and we are pleased to learn that our MSc programmes are able to compete at the highest international level.

Morten Rask explains that the teaching in International Business focuses on core competency, and the students are constantly challenged through the optimisation of sustainable business initiatives of international companies.

- Creating a successful global, sustainable business model is a major academic challenge, since it has to yield a profit financially, socially and environmentally at the same time as making sense in many different contexts, says Morten Rask


  • The 17 other teams consisted of, among others, MBA students from the acknowledged universities Instituto de Empresa (ranked as the eighth best MBA in the world by Financial Times), Hong Kong UST (ranked as the 10th best MBA in the world by Financial Times) and Cambridge University.
  • The team from Aarhus University consists of Nikolas Bakke (MSc in International Business), Mia Møller (MSc in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership), Romanian Victor Bradu (MSc in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership), Rajiv Basaiawmoit from India (Executive MBA in Sustainability) and Jan Lindhøj (MSc in International Business).
  • The Hult Global Case Challenge is the largest crowd sourcing initiative in the world, and in this year's competition, more than 4000 teams have applied. Each team consists of 4-5 participants, all of which must be connected to the same university. The competition is internationally renowned, and basically all of the top 100 universities are represented. The focal point of the Hult Global Case Challenge 2012 is global poverty, under which the teams compete in three different areas: Education, Energy and Housing.
  • The Hult Global Case Challenge has gathered a panel of CEOs from the world's best companies to decide who should win in each of the three tracks. Previous judges in the global final include top executives from JCI, Phillips, Johnson & Johnson, Natura, Bunge, Alibaba, General Electric, McKinsey, Bain & Co, Boston Consulting Group and many more.


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