New chairman: - Academic Council will play an important part

Paul Krüger Andersen is the newly elected chairman of the Academic Council at BSS. He wants the Academic Council to contribute to a more active collaboration between the management and the staff members.

2012.03.08 | Marianne Gammelgaard

Professor Paul Krüger Andersen from the Department of Law is the new chairman of the Academic Council at BSS. He believes that the Academic Council should actively help in developing the visions of the university.

- I want to help create a more dynamic collaboration between the management and the staff members. Now and then, political scientists call it ‘checks and balances’, and I fully expect the Academic Council to play a part in creating the balance implied in that expression, says Paul Krüger Andersen.

Impact on AU’s development
The legal framework for the new academic council has already been implemented. As part of the new university act, the council complies with the statutes of the university. According to Paul Krüger Andersen, it is not a matter of venting one’s frustrations regarding the administrative change process, but using the Academic Council as a platform to gain influence on the development of the university.

One of Paul Krüger Andersen’s tasks requires close co-operation with Svend Hylleberg, Dean at BSS. Together, they have to ensure that the problems discussed at the university are actually addressed in the Academic Council.

- We have to make sure that both obligatory issues and other issues that are important to the staff members are placed on the agenda. It could be academic questions, such as the relationship between research and teaching, the relationship with the business community and academic competence versus interdisciplinarity, he explains.

Academic Council is a fellow player/co-player
In the light of the recent media debate at AU, Paul Krüger Andersen believes that the Academic Council can act as a fellow player that can provide the staff members with information about the development of the university.

- If you take a look at the composition of the new academic council, I believe it reflects each department’s expectations of us definitely playing a significant part in the future. Since the competent and experienced members of the council represent many different parts of the university, it is certainly possible, says Paul Krüger Andersen.

Paul Krüger Andersen earned his Master of Laws degree at Aarhus University in 1968. He has been employed at the former Aarhus School of Business, now Aarhus University, since 1971, where he became a professor in 1991. Paul Krüger Andersen holds a lic.jur. and a dr.jur. from Aarhus University. He has received several awards including the Jorck Foundation Award in 1998. He is an honorary doctor at Åbo School of Business and Economics, and he is a member of a number of national and international co-operations and networks within his field of research, which includes Company Law, Securities Law and Corporate Finance Law. He is currently Chairman of the European Model Company Law Group, which is working on developing a European model law in relation to company law.

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