On 1 November 2015, Anne Bækby Johansen took up the position as HR manager in the Aarhus BSS administration centre. Anne was appointed to the position by a unanimous appointment committee after having served as acting HR manager since May 2015.

2015.11.06 | Tine Bagger Christiansen

“I look forward to continuing the good work of professionalising the HR function and the PhD administration thereby consolidating Aarhus BSS’ continuous position as the preferred broad business school,” says Anne Bækby Johansen.

Anne has worked at Aarhus BSS HR and Phd for four years - first, as an HR partner and since May this year, as acting HR manager.

Anne is 37 years old and holds a Master’s degree in human resource management. Currently, she is doing a Master’s degree in law.

There were 11 applicants for the position. The appointment committee consisted of administration centre manager Nikolaj Harbjerg, HR partner Margrethe Vejs-Petersen, head of finance Martha Vogdrup Berdiin, acting chief adviser Anja Zimmerdahl Hansen, and  department head of the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Carsten René Jørgensen.

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