The work towards a strategic goal has begun

The main academic area is to find a joint strategy at the turn of the year. In this connection, the faculty management has sent a discussion paper to all the departments.

2011.09.22 | Marianne Gammelgaard

On 16 September, Dean Svend Hylleberg released a discussion paper on strategic goals and means for Business and Social Sciences. The discussion paper was prepared by the faculty management at a seminar in late August and at the following faculty management meetings.

The aim of the discussion paper and the future process is to adopt a final strategy for Business and Social Sciences in the middle of January 2012.

Comments are welcome

Between 27 September and 14 October, the Dean’s executive team will visit all the departments to discuss the faculty management’s discussion paper with all employees.

The employees at the departments have been asked to contribute with suggestions and comments regarding the goals and means set forth in the discussion paper. The deadline for all contributions is 25 October, after which the inputs will be handed over to the Dean.

The departments must organise the forthcoming dialogues themselves, which can be done via seminars. The faculty management expects that the employees at the departments and student representatives will be included in the discussions.

Another hearing

The various departments’ inputs to the discussion paper will be discussed at the faculty management seminar on 4 November. Immediately hereafter, the faculty management will release a revised proposal for a hearing among employees, students, the two academic councils and the cooperation committees.

Throughout the entire process, the two academic councils and the cooperation committees will be kept updated.


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