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BSS requests for a new EFMD assessment

The Dean's Office has decided to ask EFMD for a new assessment of BSS. “Several points of criticism made by EFMD are due to the fact that, during their last visit, we did not succeed in fully accounting for BSS’ strengths. And we would like a chance to better explain ourselves," says Svend Hylleberg. BSS maintains the EQUIS accreditation until the next visit from EFMD’s Peer Review Team (PRT).

2013.10.07 | Andreas G. Jensby

After having received the official letter from EFMD’s Awarding Body on the decision not to re-accredit BSS, the Dean's Office has decided to request for a new assessment. This means that BSS must prepare a new self-assessment report, which provides the opportunity to address the points of criticism brought forward by the EFMD’s Peer Review Team (PRT) in their report to the Awarding Body and then request for a visit by a new PRT in 2014.

“After reading the Awarding Body’s official letter on the decision, it is evident that we could have made a better case on certain points both in our self-assessment report and when the PRT visited us in April. Initially, PRT gave us a positive recommendation, but surprisingly, the Awarding Body chose not to follow the recommendation and decided not to re-accredit BSS. We have therefore decided to request for a reexamination, which will give us the opportunity to sharpen our arguments about the logic, synergy and visions of the broad business school model that we have chosen at BSS. We are convinced that the broad model accommodates all that will be required of a successful and forward-looking business school in the future, and it is clear that the broad model represents a general movement that is taking place in many other places all over the world. In addition, I firmly believe that there is an enormous added value in securing all three accreditations, and we will therefore continue to work on obtaining both AMBA and EQUIS,” says Svend Hylleberg.

Building on the previous report
The decision of the Dean’s Office implies that BSS now has to prepare a new self-assessment report for EFMD. Fortunately, it is possible to incorporate a large amount of data and content from the previous report, but the new report also has to contain updated, clarified and elaborated information and arguments in answer to the points of criticism made by EFMD.

“The task ahead of us is to account for and solve the inaccuracies and misunderstandings in the report from the Peer Review Team on the evaluation of BSS. It is clear that we will be focusing especially on addressing their points of criticism, and then we have the option of referring to all the positive things that have happened since their last visit; for instance, that we have earned the AACSB accreditation,” says Svend Hylleberg.

He emphasises that the new self-assessment report to a great extent builds on the content of the first report to EFMD, and that the process will not burden or place extra strain on the departments or the administration.

Will keep the EQUIS accreditation until the next visit
The decision means that BSS can maintain the EQUIS accreditation and can expect a visit from the new EFMD Peer Review Team no later than September 2014. With the request for a new PRT visit follows an extension of the accreditation period, which means that BSS can continue to use the logo and material about EQUIS until a new decision on accreditation is made.

In October, Svend Hylleberg will be visiting with all the departments at BSS, giving everyone an opportunity to ask questions and address issues related to the accreditations. 

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