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New Associate Dean to strengthen interplay between research and business

Aarhus BSS is now targeting its efforts to strengthen the interplay between the school’s research and the business community. For this reason, the faculty management team has just appointed the first Associate Dean for Corporate Relations. Professor René Rohrbeck from the Department of Management has taken up the position.

2017.09.03 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

René Rohrbeck is the school's new Associate Dean for Corporate Relations. Photo: AU Photo.

Developing close research-based ties between Aarhus BSS and the business community, exploring companies’ need for research-based knowledge and taking the first step towards more research-based courses and collaborations with companies in Denmark and abroad; these are just some of the tasks that await Professor René Rohrbeck from the Department of Management, who took up the position as the school’s first ever Associate Dean for Corporate Relations on 1 July.

The appointment reflects the school’s strategic focus on strengthening its core business activities and is to contribute to strengthening the school’s external relations. The new associate dean will continue to conduct research, but he will from now on be spending one third of his time on the new tasks in close cooperation with the academic departments as well as the department for External Relations.  And this arrangement makes good sense, says the Vice-dean for Research and Talent Development Per Baltzer Overgaard:

“At Aarhus BSS, we’re already doing a lot to build bridges to the business community through our graduates, our many courses and different offers. And we’ll continue to do so. However, we also need to continuously increase the link between the school’s research and the companies’ specific demand for research-based knowledge.  That’s why we’ve chosen to appoint a researcher in this position, as having a solid academic foundation and close contact to the academic departments is vital for knowing how we can transfer our knowledge and research into specific offers for the business community.”

Solid experience

The new position was established after thorough deliberations and in close dialogue with the academic departments. And there are many good reasons for choosing René Rohrbeck, says Per Baltzer Overgaard:

“René has a unique professional profile which makes him particularly suited for the position. Not only has he conducted most of his research in close collaboration with companies, he has also enjoyed a career in the private sector. This means that he’s well aware of what it takes for a company to engage in a research collaboration, but also what it takes for a researcher. This is important to know now that he’ll be attempting to build bridges between the two worlds.”

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