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Name, logo & design

This page concerns the implementation of the new profiling strategy for Aarhus BSS, which was approved before Easter by both the faculty management team and the senior management team. 

The information provided here focuses especially on the new logo and the name “Aarhus BSS”.

Aarhus BSS is the official short name

Aarhus BSS is the official short name to designate the faculty, and it should be used to the widest extent possible both internally and externally.

Why Aarhus BSS?

The name Aarhus BSS has been chosen on the basis that the school needs a short and recognisable name, which represents the school’s geographical location and is easier to remember, adopt and use than the long name “School of Business and Social Sciences”.

The new name also comes with a new logo, which is meant to signal the strength of the school’s connection with Aarhus University as a whole, and to signal that Aarhus BSS accommodates the very diverse disciplines of business, social sciences as well as the engineering programmes offered at Aarhus BSS’ department in Herning.

Examples of how the name Aarhus BSS should be used

Here are a few examples of how you may use Aarhus BSS in various contexts:

  • Professor/associate professor of commercial law/economics, etc. at Aarhus BSS
  • Degree programmes in economics and business administration at Aarhus BSS
  • The Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus BSS / [Department of] Political Science at Aarhus BSS
  • Administrative units: Aarhus BSS Communication, Aarhus BSS HR & PhD, Aarhus BSS Studies Administration etc.

For all external communication material, e.g. press releases issued by the faculty, Aarhus BSS must be mentioned in either the subheading or the first lines of the body text.

Implementation phase

Because it takes a while for the new name to spread and become known to the public, we recommend that you write Aarhus BSS (School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University) when introducing the new name to a target group that are not familiar with the new name.

The logo

The logo is meant to signal the strength of the school’s connection with Aarhus University as a whole, and to signal that Aarhus BSS accommodates the very diverse disciplines of business, social sciences as well as the engineering programmes offered at Aarhus BSS’ department in Herning.

The logo is meant to indicate that Aarhus BSS is part of Aarhus University and at the same time emphasise Aarhus BSS’ status as an innovative business school with its own profile and brand – a brand that covers and accommodates the traditions of both the university and the business school.

Clear connection with Aarhus University

The logo incorporates part of the original AU seal. It has been designed that way to emphasise the link between Aarhus BSS and Aarhus University, and at the same time it also represents the faculty’s own visual identity.

The logo incorporates the fragment of the seal that contains the Latin words “Universitas Arhusiensis”, and the text will still be legible even when the logo is scaled down (e.g. for thumbnails on the web). This has been done to ensure a sense of cohesion between Aarhus BSS and the mother brand Aarhus University.

Combination with department and centre letterheads

The logo may be combined with department or centre-specific letterheads, but the logo may not be replaced with a sub-logo from a department or centre at Aarhus BSS. 

Selected centres, such as CON AMORE and CREATES, have been given permission to use their own independent logo in combination with the Aarhus BSS logo. This decision has been made by the faculty management team.

Profiling strategy for Aarhus BSS

The overall elements of the profiling strategy are:

  • Name and logo on all platforms, channels and in all media and products that represent Aarhus BSS, including administrative units related to Aarhus BSS.

  • Ownership of own website. A digital strategy is under development to ensure that Aarhus BSS’ is able to promote the organisation and manage its own digital activities and services and thereby foster a clear correlation between the organisation and its core activities.

  • Aarhus BSS will also become more visible on the overall AU websites, where it will be referred to as Aarhus University’s business school. In this way, Aarhus BSS will continue to draw on AU’s reputation.

  • Implementation will commence in April 2015 

Aarhus BSS on social media

The aim of the social media efforts at Aarhus BSS is to create a long-term relation to our main target groups. We do this by targeting and angling relevant content. 

If you would like to share content on Aarhus BSS’ social media platforms, please contact Susie Munk at or 24 64 06 63.

If you wish to set-up a new page or profile using the Aarhus BSS name, you must coordinate this with Aarhus BSS Communication. Aarhus BSS Communication is always happy to offer counselling and advice.

Design guide

Aarhus BSS’ visual identity comprises a number of basic elements, such as a logo, colour palette, typography, imagery, illustrations and graphical style. The visual identity is an important element in creating a high-quality and coherent image and must enable you to quickly identify who the sender is.

Aarhus BSS’ visual identity is to a large extent based on AU’s design with regard to colours, typography, style, etc. At the same time, it offers the possibility of a distinctive appearance for Aarhus BSS with a number of specific graphical elements, image style, new logo, etc.

The design guide describes how the various elements should be used in the visual identity - e.g. the use of fonts, logo and colour combinations.

The purpose of the design guide is to ensure consistency in the way Aarhus BSS’ graphical elements are used in all products in order to achieve the most professional result. 

Download Aarhus BSS’ design guide

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