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When you register your research in PURE it is displayed on AU's websites - including your own personal homepage. It can also be searched at Find a researcher and titles of publications and projects can be 'googled' by colleagues, present and future students and other interested parties. We therefore recommend that you contribute to Open Access and upload publications in full text in agreement with current rights when you register your research.

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New versions of PURE

Once a month a new version of PURE is released for all Danish universities and we will make an update. It typically includes minor bug fixes.

Approximately four times a year, there will be a major upgrade that includes new and enhanced features.

See more on the latest update here

AU IT - operating status

Updates and other maintenance work in the IT field can affect PURE log in. Here you can see the planned operational changes and also acute failures in the IT field

Log in

Log on to PURE is now done using the button above. You can also press Enter when you first enter this page. Then you automatically will be directed to log in.

How to access PURE


As a recipient of the PURE newsletter, you can choose to recieve various types of information regarding PURE on AU. The newsletter is not sent on a regular basis, but rather when required.

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