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Registration of activities

The registration of activities in certain categories in PURE is voluntary, while others are compulsory.

LIST OF ACTIVITY TYPES (Compulsory in italic)

Participation in council, board, committee and network

Membership in board of company or public organisations

Membership in committee, council, board

Membership in review/assessment committee

Membership in research network

Appearance in mass media

Participation in interview for printed media

Participation in TV programme

Participation in radio programme

Participation in interview for web based media

Ongoing editorial work

Editor of research journal

Editor of series

Peer review of manuscripts

Editor of unfinished research anthology/collection

Public lecture and oral contribution

Public lecture and oral contribution

Participation in conference, workshop, course, seminar

Organisation of or participation in conference

Participation in workshop, seminar, course

Lecture and oral contribution

Other research and communication activities

Period visiting other institutions

Awards/prizes, scholarships, distinctions

External teaching and subject coordination

Advisory and consultancy activities


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