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Editing your personal homepage

With the exception of personal masterdata, the other text is edited on your personal website via your profile in Pure. Here you can also upload a picture of yourself that appears on the website.

If you need to change your personal masterdata (organisational unit, phone number, job title, institution address, etc.), contact your local Medarbejderstamkortet editor, read more here: Medarbejderstamkortet.

To edit text or upload image in Pure, click Edit Profile:

Upload profile picture

In your profile editor, click 'Add File' under Profile Images and add the image as you attach a file to an email:

The size of the file should be immaterial as the image is automatically scaled to fit the website. However, we recommend that you do not upload too large or small images, as some browsers (or some versions of browsers) may have difficulty handling the scaling.

From the webpage you can view the image in the original size. This typically happens by right-clicking on it and clicking 'open in new tab', 'view image' or similar depending on which browser is being used. In this way the image can be used for the press.

Be aware of the following: 

  • We recommend portrait dimensions 3:2.  
  • The image must have the file format .jpeg to be displayed correctly on all types of AU websites.
  • We recommend a file size between 200kb and 900kb
  • The image file name (which is before .jpeg) must not contain characters such as: . @ / \ ? : * ” < >
  • You can have more than one picture in Pure, but only one appears on the webpage, make sure that the one to display is at the top

Add/edit text elements

In Pure, you have different options for adding text to your profile. In the profile editor under 'Curriculum and research description', click 'Add profile information', then you can choose from four types from a dropdown menu:

Curriculum Vitae

Text created here can be retrieved as element in a CV. The advantage of using this editor is that you have more formatting options than you have in the CV module.

Read more about creating and editing your CV in Pure here: Curriculum Vitae

Further information

This item is suitable for longer text and it is also possible to insert relevant images. When you create content here, you will get a new tab labeled 'Further Information' on your webpage (the title can not be changed):

Research and education information

This element can be used for quite short texts, such as appointment times or overall work areas. The text will stand right after your personal masterdata on your personal webpage.


This element is better suited for medium length text pieces. It is separated from your personal data and automatically adds the heading 'Profile' to the content (the title can not be removed or changed).

Change display name

You can change your display name at

The display name is the name displayed in AU's systems, mail sender fields, Pure, employee lists on the web and on your personal webpage (Pure) - all systems that use personal data from AU's Medarbejderstamkortet.

Read more about changing display name here

Default publishing name

If you publish under a different name, for example, maiden name or without special letters, you can add a default publishing name to Pure, which automatically adds it to the contributions you are associated with.

In the Profile Editor, under 'Name Variations', press the 'Add Name ...' button. Then you will be able to enter the first and last name matching your default publishing name:

372211 / i40