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Editing your personal homepage

With the exception of personal master data, the text on your personal homepage is edited via your profile in PURE. Here you can also upload an image of yourself, which is then shown on your homepage. See more about the set-up, access and login under the menu points in the menu at left.

To edit a text or upload an image, click on ‘Edit profile’.

(All screenshots are from the Danish version of PURE. Screenshots from the English version are uploaded as soon as possible.)

Upload image

You can upload your photo under ‘Files’ on the editing page that opens. Click on ‘Add profile photo’ and add the image just as you do when attaching a file to an e-mail.

The size of the file should not be of any importance because the image is automatically scaled to fit the homepage. However, we recommend that you do not upload images that are far too large because some browsers (or individual versions of different browsers) can have trouble showing the image.

The image can be displayed in the original size on your homepage. This is typically done by right clicking on the image and clicking on ‘Open in a new tab’, ‘Show image’ or similar, depending on which browser you use. This enables the media to use the image.

Edit text elements

You can edit different text elements under ‘Curriculum and research description’ on the editing page that opens. Click on ‘Add profile information’ for each new text element you would like.

Research and education information

You can use this element for a short text, for example your office hours or general working areas. The text appears as a continuation of your personal master data on your personal homepage.

Further information

This element is very suitable for a long test, and it is shown under a separate tab on your personal homepage.


This element can contain a brief description of your research or job profile. For longer texts, we recommend the ‘Further information’ element.


The CV text element is not used to enter a new CV. The element can contain texts transferred from Aarhus University’s former main academic areas and amalgamated universities and centres (i.e. from prior to 2010). If text material has been transferred from these systems, you can still edit it here, but we recommend moving it to the CV generator. This is also where a new CV is created.

Click on the ‘My CVs and profile’ tab. There are two help videos on this page, and they explain how to create and maintain your CV.

How to change your publishing name

You can change your publishing name (previously called display name or nickname) in PURE. If you publish abroad and have letters such as æ, ø or å in your name, you can enter publications using an international publishing name.

  • Enter the name in the ‘Publishing name’ fields in your PURE profile
  • Click on ‘Save’
  • Enter your publications
  • Delete the publishing name again (the publishing name affects searches in PURE, so editors and others are unable to search your name unless you delete your publishing name again)
  • Click on ‘Save’

Change display name

You can now change your display name on .

Your display name is the name which is displayed in AU’s systems, in the email sender field, in PURE, in employee lists on the website and on your personal website (PURE) – all systems using personal data from AU’s Identity Management System – IDM.

Read more about changing your display name here

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