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How do I validate?

Validation of a publication is the final stamp of approval, assuring that the information is correct and adequate.

Publications in Pure are used in various processes at Aarhus University:

  • Allocation of funds through the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator, primarily known as BFI
  • AUs key figures: benchmarking tool and documentation towards the development contract
  • Management information on every level of the university
  • Content for the researchers personal page on AUs web pages.

Validation must always be carried out through a comparison between the original publication and the corresponding Pure registration.

If you are in doubt as to how you obtain access to a publication, you can get advice from your local branch of AU Library. If you have questions regarding validation you can contact your local Pure contact person or write to the central Pure support: see support options

Validation checklist

Type/Under type

  • Has the right template been chosen? This is especially important ved dealing with import from online sources and contriubtions to conferences

Publication category

  • It is the researchers responsibility to indicate the correct category (research, communication, education, commissioned).
  • If the category is set to commissioned, then an applicant should added if possible.

Peer Review

  • It is the researchers responsibility to indicate whether a publication is peer-reviewed or not.

Publication status

  • For journals: If the publication doesn't have 'Volume' and/or 'Issue number', it is possible that the status should be set to 'E-pub ahead of print' instead of 'Published'.

Authors and affiliations

  • Have all authors been registered?
  • Are all authors correctly set to Internal/External?
  • Have all the AU authors the correct internal affiliation(s)? It should follow the affiliation given on the publication. If in doubt, contact the researcher.
  • Are the authors in the correct order?
  • Are the roles correct?


  • Choose journal/publisher from the central database if possible.
  • If the publication is also published in a book or conference series, this should be added as well.

Publication year

  • Is it correct compared with the year on the publication?

Submission year

  • The submission year should be the same as the publication year.


  • Should be added if possible. (The DOI format starts with 10.)

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