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Quick Submit

What is Quick Submit?

Quick Submit is used to input publications into Pure without filling out the data fields that otherwise are required before a publication can be created in the system.

The AU Pure Support team is in the process of identifying editors and get them train in the Quick Submit function and related processes. Till this is settled, we do what we can to handle the publications that we receive through Quick Submit. Therefore, if you choose to use Quick Submit please expect a delay before the publication is visibel in Pure.

Who may use Quick Submit?


You are researcher or regular Pure user

If you lack the time or experience with Pure you can use Quick Submit to input publications into Pure anyway. Your submission will subsequently be handled by an editor.

Guideline for using Quick Submit to submit publications.

You are Pure editor

If you are responsible for registering publication in Pure you may also be responsible for monitoring Pure for publications submitted through Quick Submit and for getting these imported into the system and completing the registration. You find the publications in a special import list in Pure that is only visible for editors.

Likely, you receive publications from others in various ways e.g. in an email. In most instances the best process is to create the publication record directly in Pure. You may use Quick Submit to gather files you have received so they are ready for processing, at a later time, when you are ready.

Guideline for completing the registration of publications submitted through Quick Submit.


When not to use Quick Submit

If you need your publications to show on your personal page right away you should not use Quick Submit. Instead create the publications directly in Pure using one of the other methods (see fig. below).

Publications entered into Pure though Quick Submit are not visible in Pure or on your personal page until an editor has registred them in Pure. You can only see (not access or edit) the publications in a status overview on your personal page (see fig. below).

Contact AU Pure Support if you have questions.

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