Quick Submit Guide

Find the publications (Import candidates)

You find the publication that are submitted through Quick Submit under the "Editor" tab, "Publication" menu item and subitem "Organisations with import candidates". This is a preset filter. In the example below (the image) there are 10 publications on the import list.

If you do not see the subitem in the menu it may be that you do not have the right permission. Please write pure@au.dk to resolve the issue.

Review the import list

Publications are grouped by organizational units. Depending on how many units you are editor for you will see one or more units listed.

In the column "Publications uploaded by persons" there is a number in a grey circle. The number shows how many publications are waiting to be imported for that particular organizational unit. Click on the grey circle to see the list of publications.

The list looks like this:

Check for duplicates

If there is a pink square "View possible duplicates" next to a file on the list it means that Pure has identified one or more possible duplicates of the file you are about to import.

It is important that you check for duplicates before you proceed with the import task. Click the pink square to view the list of possible duplicates (pop-up window).

In the example below the publication has already been registered in Pure. When the publication is already in the system you only need to review and maybe modify/add data for the existing record. Click on the publication title to go directly to the record.

Import publications

If the publication is not already in Pure you have to create it in the system. You start this process by clicking "Import".

Match author and organization

Pure will suggest matching values for author and associated organization based on what is already in the system. Review the suggestions and select the person and organizational unit that match the information in the published publication.

Please be aware, that the person who submitted the publication e.g. an administrative person at a faculty, using Quick Submit, is registered as author in the import process. If the person in the dialogue window is not the author remove the person from the match dialogue by clicking on the "minus" on the far right. If you do not remove the person at this point, you have to do it after the publication has been imported.

It is rare that Pure does not have a match. Most persons and organizational units already exist in the system. Please take your time and seek out the correct match. Look up the person in the AU telephone book if you are unsure of the person's affiliation with AU.

If there is no perfect match, or you are unsure of the organization's navn, simply select an acceptable value and modify the publication record after you have imported and created it in Pure. The "No match" option is only to be used if the author is affiliated with an external organization that is not already in the system.

The attached file

The attached file is only to support the verification of data. Due to copy-right restrictions the attachment is NOT uploaded to Pure as part of the import process. Only if the file is an accepted manuscript, and you have the author's permission, you can upload and publish the file. Contact the author if you are in doubt. All attached publications are discarded after the import and registration process.

When you have matched author and organizational unit, and made sure that the box for the attachment is unchecked, click "import and review" to start the creation and registration process.

Create publication record in Pure

Select the correct template to get started. Then, fill in the necessary data. Last step is to set the workflow status e.g. "Ready for validation" and save the record.

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