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Distribution of points

Which PURE registrations result in funds to AU?

Categories for earning points

Registrations in these categories earn points in the indicator project:

  • Scientific acrticle
  • Conference article
  • Letter
  • Review (article)
  • Doctoral dissertation
  • Scientific book
  • Collected edition/anthology
  • Scientific report
  • Contribution to scientific book/anthology
  • Patent

See definitions of the different categories (in danish)

Levels of categorisation for journals and publishers

The “value” of a publication in the indicator project partly depends on the journal it is published in or the publisher it is published by.

You can search for both journals and publishers in PURE. These have been assessed by a number of professional groups and subsequently categorised in two levels: Levels 1 and 2 – where level 2 earns the most points in the indicator project.

The level of publishers is valid for the publications entered in PURE from 2011 and onwards. Monographs and contributions to anthologies still earns points if they are published by a publisher on the list below. See the effect of this on the points in the table below.

Calculating the number of points

The table below shows how many points a registered publication earns if it is related to a journal/publisher from the lists above categorised as either level 1 or level 2.

  • The points are allocated to the universities based on the number of authors the individual (Danish) university has related to the publication.
    A publication with three authors from Aarhus University (AU), two from the University of Copenhagen (KU) and one from a university abroad earns AU:3/6 of the points, KU:2/6 of the points
  • Collaboration with authors from other universities (in Denmark and abroad) earns the total number of points multiplied by 1.25


Level 1

Level 2

Scientific monographs

6 (2010) / 5 (2011+)

6 (2010) / 8 (2011+)

Scientific articles in journals

(periodicals and series)



Scientific articles in anthologies

with ISSN number



Scientific articles in anthologies

0,75 (2010) / 0,50 (2011+)

0,75 (2010) / 2 (2011+)

??Doctoral dissertations




301580 / i40